problem with ftp client behind redhat 7.2 iptables firewall

From: Chatchai Sae-Tung (
Date: 12/26/01

From: "Chatchai Sae-Tung" <>
Date: Wed, 26 Dec 2001 14:46:35 -0500

I have Redhat 7.2 firewall running Iptables. It loaded up ip_nat_ftp OK.
But when I log in to my company ftp [IIS 5] (and some others), I can log in
ok . I can do commands like pwd, help, cd, etc. But I can't do "ls" and
"dir", it will just freeze. I have tried on the firewall itself, same
result. Using IE on Windows client, it will just "searching for folders"
and then replied with "you don't have permission ....". Using ftp on the RH
firewall, it will just freeze for a minute and not showing file list. It
seems like only "ls" and "dir" don't work.

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