Re: how to sincronise my server time?

From: Kasper Dupont (
Date: 12/17/01

From: Kasper Dupont <>
Date: Mon, 17 Dec 2001 01:22:31 +0100

Ian Jones wrote:
> If you use ntp filter access one way to your chosen time servers.

I think I already did that, but I'm not sure I got everything right.

I allow UDP packets from two NTP servers if they have both source
and destination port 123. But do I need to do that, isn't it enough
to allow incomming ESTABLISHED and RELATED packets? And wouldn't
it be the most secure to rely on the state for this purpose?

And BTW, can this message once in while be related to firewall rules
ntpd[508]: synchronisation lost

Kasper Dupont