Re: kernel too big

From: Matthias Johnson (
Date: 12/11/01

From: Matthias Johnson <>
Date: Tue, 11 Dec 2001 04:09:56 GMT

try 'make bzImage' . This will create a compressed kernel.
Alternatively, you can be more selective about what you include in
the kernel. For example you probably can throw out large parts of the
SCSI subset, even if you have one or two scsi cards ...

\@matthias (karthikeyan) writes:

> sir,
> I have recompiled the kernel
> using "make menuconfig". I read out the file README from
> /usr/src/linux(which gives the step wise method for kernel compiling)
> . sir In kernel compiling we have options like [M - modularisation ]
> in that instead of modularising the modules I used [ * - which will
> load the modules at the boot time automatically] so the kernel size
> has gone very big so I am getting the error "kernel too big" . Note :
> I have used "make bzImage " - which will create compressed kernel even
> then I am getting the error "kernel too big". Without compiling the
> kernel is there any way to avoid the problem.Thk in adv..

Matthias Johnson

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