HP under Apotheker : National Security Threat and Organized Fraud : new CEO today !

Dear President,Vice-President , US Congress , A.G. Holder and
Secretary Panetta :

The 3 cases of :

a ) HP's CEO Apotheker selling its huge PC unit and buying Autonomy ,a
Military-Intelligence software contractor for too much money and based
overseas just to feed the investment bankers and advisers involved in
the deals ,
b ) the S.E.C. top officers destroying illegally thousands of files of
Investigations on SAC, Bernard Madoff, Goldman Sachs,etc.,
c ) the latest facts in the Rupert Murdoch News Corp. hacking
investigation ( blocked out by the Media ) have a lot in common and
show a very well organized group and in my opinion with very clear
criminal intent, right now the sale of HP's PC unit is perhaps the
most critical, since what Apotheker ( a member of the same extreme
political organization-party as Rupert Murdoch and Mary Shapiro of the
SEC ) is trying to do is basically move HP's Patents and Intellectual
Property out of the USA and overseas to England - Bermuda -TelAviv and
other locations out of the USA jurisdiction and so be able to do its "
Military-Intelligence Search-Engine " work ( that's what Autonomy
software does ) from overseas and without supervision, to the
highest bidder, and why would the USA Pentagon and USA Intelligence
Agencies that pay for these services go for such nonsense ? and why
would the USA Taxpayers, after spending hundreds of billions of
dollars in HP in Federal contracts , R&D support , government
technical aid and tax credits, etc. , go for it ? why ?

PATENTS AND IP, his strategy is designed to crash the value of HP
stock so that the Hedge -Funds, Private Equity Partners and Money
Managers of his " circle " can get it very cheap, in my opinion this
is fraudulent intent.

That the CEO of HP is buying a software company in England,
Autonomy, for 11 billion dollars ( HP cash position is only 12
billion right now ) while considering selling its PC group in the USA
and that provides 29 billion dollars a year in revenues is a huge
National Security threat and mistake and a very fraudulent operation:
It will mean also that the USA will lose one of the last 3
PC manufacturers in the USA , with the loss of many vital PC jobs in
the USA, another disaster.

Also we must remember that " gold speculator and shorter " J.
Paulson is invested-in ( at least one billion dollars ) and that 8-10
Hedge Funds and Private Equity Partnerships from his " organized group
" are pushing Apotheker to make special deals for quick profits and
then load HP with huge debts ....special deals with a company that is
vital to America and to many USA Military and Intelligence units ?
why ?

And why would all these " patriotic men and woman " in D.C. in
charge like to get abused so much by these speculators , shorters and
Hedge-Funds ? why ?

what a criminal shame !

The USA Media is very clear : this is also a very bad deal for
investors , for jobs and for the computer industry in the USA:

Hewlett-Packard stock falls 20 percent after changes announced

H-P's CEO Sets Expensive Legacy With Autonomy Deal

Should HP Sell Its PC Group?

Market Boos for Hewlett Transformation

Another set of issues is also vital for you to study : 1 ) these
neocons above and others are pushing ,among others, Jon Corzine to a
Washington D.C. official job : this Corzine , ex co-chief of Goldman
Sachs , who officially resigned from its post , was caught by some
G.S. executives and employees doing trades with Private Partnerships
and LLC , etc., in the Caribbean and Southeast Asia and other points
and using GoldmanSachs as a source , as a cover and for other tricks,
like pushing money around from one deal to the other and investing
ahead of the firm , in essence money laundering and tax free investing
on a huge scale, and so he left with 370 million dollars from this
"work " , and the question is : did he file tax returns for all these
assets, money transfers and "private" investments ? ever ? did he
pay any taxes on them ? does anybody in D.C. cares ?

2 ) As so many are saying, when are the USA Taxpayers and Consumers
going to be able to fully Audit the Federal Reserve ? from the Volcker
period through the Greenspan and Bernanke period ? if they did not
pass any " rates-bonds-financials-sales-purchases-etc." information to
anyone right before going public, why the fear ? what do they try to
hide ? why not open all the books and compare Fed moves with certain
bank's actions around the world and SPECIALLY IN THE MIDDLE EAST ?

3 ) and that brings us to high-speed trading : when are we going to
get the truth about who does what , when and with whom ?

many honest traders are asking for the "uptick rule" again,
controlling the "short sale" and the naked-short sale, and to stop the
madness and the chaos on the markets where only some speculators and
tricksters profit.

So, dear team, right now HP being dismantle and shipped-out is the
urgent problem , thousands of great jobs and families are going to get
hit badly and the country is going to lose vital manufacturing , just
so that Apotheker , Rubenstein and their "neocon partners" can get
this great Company, Patents and Contracts out of the USA to off-shore
tax-free shelters and with their Hedge-Funds , and so control key
Military-Intelligence-Security contracts and sensitive data-voice-
video from remote , and why would Washington D.C. - the so-called "
super patriots " - put up with this organized abuse and criminal
fraud ? why ?

America needs security, local solutions and jobs , HP needs new
leadership right now.


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