How to hack gmail

How to Hack Gmail account
STEP 1- Log in to your own gmail. *Note: Your account must be at least
1 weeks old for this trick to work.
* STEP 2- Once you have logged into your own account, compose/write
an e-mail to: help.mail.user@xxxxxxxxx depending on which account u
want to hack..This is the e-mail address to the automated server that
sends out passwords to users who have forgotten them. What you are
going to do is trick the server into thinking that it is sending your
password to you but it will send you the pass for the account you are
trying to hack instead.
* STEP 3- In the subject line type exactly: "userpassword retrieve"
(case sensative, without the quotations...)
* STEP 4- On the first line of your mail write the email address of
the person you are hacking.
* STEP 5- On the second line type in the e-mail address you are
* STEP 6- On the third line type in the password to YOUR email
address. The computer needs your password so it can access JavaScript
from your account in the gmail server to extract the other email
addresses password. This works because you are sending your password
a machine not a person. The procss will be done automatically by the
user administration server.

* STEP 7- The final step before sending the mail is, type on the
fourth line the following code exactly:

relative=immediate[your friends email address here]

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