Re: Security of Power Archiver Encrypted PAE file?

Why are you using such an old version? The current version is 11.

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<eddyR@what's.up.doc.?.org> wrote in message news:v6atu55v4ghadg3o3jqs4rckuti5ids5fh@xxxxxxxxxx
I know there are programs which easily break encoded zip files. But
Power Archiver, ver. 8, uses AES. I'm wondering how securely is their
method of using AES?

I don't want top security from it, but I don't want it so easily
broken with some decrypting program out there somewhere. Using PGP
for straight encryption without signing expands a 2k file to over
100k. That's why I'm looking for an alternative for files and emails
which I want to keep private but do not contain terribly important