Re: Crypt ascii text in file

"Rafael" <email@antispam> writes:

Cygwin ( includes crypt...

thanks, but I search a program that worked with file.txt
and can encrypt the contents of file.txt, with algorithm
codfice and algorithm confusion, in addition to one or
more keyfile.

The package can also install gpg. In the Packages
hierarchy within the Cygwin setup.exe installer, you will find gnupg
in the Utils group.

gpg will encrypt your file.txt very well.

It supports AES, Blowfish and Twofish ciphers--one of those should
have all the crypto features you need (I'd hope!). It also implements
asymetric key-based encryption, which I believe you are looking for.

For the specifics of what cipher will have the features you're looking
for (gpg supports several ciphers), I would suggest a newsgroup that
specializes in cryptography, such as sci.crypt or