yes it was the de crypted version of the file that was scrambled.
It must have been software bugs as my pc was in very new condition.One of the softwares that i used was the paid version from Steganos

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Sorry if this is not the right news group
I have used PGP software in the past and it seems to scramble the contents
of files such that i get messages about the file being corrupted.That was a
few years ago.I tried it a number of times.
Is the pgp software these days much better.But i must add that i used free
software as i was testing it out

The encrypted version of the file sure better be scambled. That is the
whole purpose. Or are you saying that if you encrypt and then decrypt
that the output is different from the original input. If so that
indicates either an extremely severe bug in the software that you have
( and note that others do not have that bug-- it works for most people)
or that your system has hardware faults.