Gadi Evron is a member of Fellowship - Israeli IDF

Only last month The Mossad were caught planting fake car bombs in Tel
thats not a people you want to be associated with.

They fake car bombs could be a prep for anywhere, you don't know where
were training for, it could be against any of us.

Report from BBC:

Analysis by Reuters:

Aman: the supreme military intelligence branch of the Israeli Defense
Forces (IDF).

Mossad: the agency responsible primarily for overseas intelligence

Gadi Evron is a former IDF, Military Intelligence employee between
2000 — 2003 (3 years)

"Gadi Evron’s Specialties: I'm a campaign manager and an _agent_ of

"Gadi Evron’s Groups: 8200 Fellowship - Israeli IDF"

Definitions of fellowship on the Web:

family: an association of people who share common beliefs or
activities; "the message was addressed not just to employees but to
every member of ...