Re: Web searches hijacked by malware

On 11/12/2009 19:08, Mike Easter wrote:
~BD~ wrote:

When you read articles about how those who provide tech services go
about 'attacking' a sick machine, the bootsector scan is part of the
I know a couple of guys in local computer shops who don't, as far as I
know, look at the Boot sector before installing Windows!
Notice the difference between what I said and what you said.

I made my reference to people who are fixing a sick - implying
infected - machine.

You made your reference simply to guys in computer shops who are
installing windows. Your referenced guys could certainly be installing
windows on a clean new not-previously-infected hdd.

Once again you are quite correct! In my *very* limited experience of what these *Professionals* do, I've a suspicion that one quick and easy way they have of tackling malware infection is to simply replace a hard disk and re-install Windows! ;)

Perhaps I should mention this to them!
Or, they could know already know what they are doing while you do not.

That might well be true - but at least I 'have a go'! <vbg>

FYI, I have now used my XP CD to boot to the Recovery Console just
you have described. Thank you! :)

There's nothing quite like seeing it for yourself.
At the risk of boring you to tears, I tried this on my wife's Acer
Aspire 3000 laptop today (it had XP Home from new)
..... using my retail copy of the XP CD. All happened just as before
*until* I got to the stage of the password requirement.

This time inserting 'nothing' did *not* allow me to proceed! I got a
message saying "The password is not valid. Please retype the password"
I did the same twice more and was then told "An invalid password has
been entered 3 times. To restart your computer, press ENTER".
MS kb 308402 describes a problem encountered with the pw step when the
OS has been installed by an OEM using sysprep. The wiki and MS describe

How on earth could I have known that?!!!

Thanks for pointing it out though.

As I have all the re-installation discs supplied when new, I've
subsequently flattened and rebuilt the machine this afternoon!

I first took the laptop apart and cleaned all dust from the fan with a
brush and then gave it a good blow-through with compressed air too!

It seems to have a new lease of life now!
Presumably the reinstallation disks are disk images and one might find
that if you tried to use your retail copy XP disk that you /still/
wouldn't be able to access the Recovery Console because of pw problem.

OK - so I've been and had a looksee! Your suspicion is correct - I *still* cannot access the Recovery Console on the laptop!

The disks are Ghost images I believe - I recognised the logo from using Ghost some years ago.

Now that the machine is clean, I shall take a disk image myself using Acronis True Image 2009!

Thanks again for sharing your knowledge, Mike Easter! :)

Dave (Sometimes man stumbles over the truth ...... Sir Winston Churchill)

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