Re: Web searches hijacked by malware

~BD~ wrote:

What advice would you give to 'the average user' who wishes to
to wipe/reinstall Windows successfully?

Let us assume that the MBR is infected too!

None of the last 4 computers which I bought with an OS installed 'from
the factory' came with a genuine MS OS disk. 2 of them came with
Linspire preinstalled and 'genuine' linspire disks; 2 of them, 1 XP and
1 Vista, came only with manufacturers' restore function on/from a
separate partition on the hdd, no disks, MS or OEM. If you wanted
disks, the installed OS had a function so that you could burn CDs or
DVDs to reinstall from the burned opticals instead of from the hdd
partition. Or you could order such disks from the manufacturer.

In both of those windows cases, the entire disk image including MBR
would be rewritten by the restore.

Back in the old days when buying a computer with windows installed
actually came with a MS CD or DVD to install with instead of an image
'pre-packaged' - or 'pre-imaged' - with bloatware, one would format the
drive prior to the install. The formatting wipes out the boot sector
which MBR is restored during the course of the install.

Mike Easter