Re: Phishing site - Warnings from Google: Are YOU warned?

On 05/12/2009 20:28, Mike Easter wrote:
~BD~ wrote:

Mike Easter seems to think my experimentation might be
dangerous. How, exactly?
What I said was:

Mike Easter wrote:
3 reasons you shouldn't handle your spam the way you do: -1- it gets
you more spam -2- it profits spammers -3- it risks your getting
scammed, or infected.
I also said that relying on safari browser or google safe browsing
alerts was not a guarantee to not visit a malware site. You are asking
for trouble when you open your spam and click on its links - and the
resultant trouble might be minor or significant as 1-3 above and others.

I also gave a sophos link about websites infecting mac systems.

I also said that your method of 'illustrating' the spam in your first
post was insufficient to determine how, in what obfuscated structure,
the payload of the spam was 'delivered' to you the recipient.

Once again, Mike, you have missed the point I was trying to make!

Clicking on a link - *any* link - in a newsgroup post is, IMO, *far* more dangerous than opening a SPAM message in ones 'in-box'.

David Lipman purports to be God's gift to malware cleaning and prevention - he may, though, be responsible for its spread. I don't believe you have any way of telling that he is one of the 'good guys' for sure! ;)

No 'newbie' happening across one of his posts has any idea what payload they may receive if they click on a link in his 'signature' - do they?

I do appreciate the help which you so generously offer. I hope others benefit from your advice too. I'd like you to know, though, that I have been experimenting with malware detection for almost 10 years and have used a number of computers as a 'honey-pot' to attract every type of malware you might imagine. I do fully appreciate that there is absolutely *no* way to guarantee that one cannot be 'infected' if one connects a machine to the Internet - no matter *what* protection one has put in place beforehand!

Dave (Sometimes man stumbles over the truth ...... Sir Winston Churchill)