Re: Phishing site - Warnings from Google: Are YOU warned?

On 03/12/2009 21:36, David H. Lipman wrote:
From: "Mike Easter"<MikeE@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

| ~BD~ wrote:

What I do not understand is why this newsgroup isn't monitored by some
of the security 'professionals who, presumably, have 'test' rigs upon
which to make the sort of exploration I requested.
Surely I am not alone in experimenting, knowing that a computer is
simply a machine which can be reprogrammed at the drop of a hat
| if/when
things go wrong? ;-)
| You just don't get it.


He's a dope. He won't get it. Plaese stop wasting your time.

You are entitled to say your piece - just as I am!

The live links in your 'signature' may, themselves direct folk to pages which are 'infected' - how would they ever know?

Regardless - I explored there and discovered that you have no suggested means to 'clean' malware from an Apple Mac OS X computer.

Why is that? Mike Easter seems to think my experimentation might be dangerous. How, exactly?

Dave (Sometimes man stumbles over the truth ...... Sir Winston Churchill)