Re: Phishing site - Warnings from Google: Are YOU warned?

Thu, 03 Dec 2009 14:00:44 -0600 wrote Moe Trin:

On Thu, 3 Dec 2009, in the Usenet newsgroup, in
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You will not and there is no need for it. Just throw away and forget it.

Why are you even downloading the crap in the first place? Are you using
some web mail service because the web browser is the only application
you can figure out how to operate? The POP or IMAP protocols permit
downloading headers ONLY, and that should be enough for a dumb script or
similar to filter (and delete on the server) unwanted mail. To bad your
web ``tool'' doesn't have that capability. The only spam I see has made
it past that style of filter, and I want to see it (as raw text - I
don't need to see the shade/colo[u]r of chalk the sender used to create
the mail) so I can fine-tune the filter.

I'll pick only the letters found on the server provided by my ISP, which
in it's turn is supplied by the company my ISP buys the service of (if
you want to bark at anyone bark on them, not me, I'm just a
customer ;-) ).
What I do is mostly nothing more than see that something ended up in the
trash, and this in it's turn will be deleted when I close Thunderbird.
The filter is self-learning and are doing really well, better than

One reason to never click on links in such emails is that you then
confirm that your address is a valid address.

No, the mail server didn't reject the "RCPT TO:" command during the SMTP
stage, so either the idiots running the mail server are totally
incompetent (and should be shot) or the address exists.

The reason not to click on the link OR EVEN TRY THE URL MANUALLY is that
this action proves not that the address is valid, but that there is an
absolute fool who READS the crap that is sent to that address. Wow -
this must be a sucker who WANTS this kind of shit.

And that will only result in that you get more shit-mails and also so
your address will be salable to other bot-nets.

I haven't bothered looking lately - what is the current price of a
"Millions" CD - or are they DVDs now? (After all, a CD will only hold
676 million bytes, and that's only 15-20 million email addresses of
proven fools.)

Old guy

I do not know, do not care. But surely a few cents per address.