Re: Phishing site - Warnings from Google: Are YOU warned?

~BD~ wrote:

Regrettably, you have failed to answer my question!

That is because we completely disagree about what you are attempting to
illustrate and I am positing my arguments about the many things you are
doing wrong and how you are doing them all wrong.

You are saying - I let spam into my inbox. I read my spam's subject and
from, then I open my spam and then I click on my spam links.

I am saying - do not let spam into your inbox - do not read your spam's
subject or from receptively as you do when you look at realmail
subject/from, do *not* open your spam and render its html and **DO NOT**
click on your spam links.

I do *not* want to read your html-rendered spambody and I do *NOT* want
to lick on your spamlinks and I do not recommend that other people do
what you are doing and I'm trying to guide you and them and 'disrupt'
your efforts to misguide them.

You are profiting the spam process by what you do. Stop doing that.
The fact that you (the ubiquitous you spammees who handle spam as you
do) make spam profitable is why we all get so much spam.

Mike Easter


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