Re: Security

Albert wrote:
(Todd H.) wrote:
<snip intro>
...there is no patch for human stupidity (i.e. you respond to
phishing emails, install a trojan), or fall victim to a 0day attack
via unpatched issues in your browser, IM program, media player, pdf
viewer, flash plugin, what have you.

I don't respond to phising emails. I plan to install the bare minimum
so I can scan exe files for being trojans. I don't use IM. My pdf
viewer is portable and as long as I copy three files to a computer in
the same directory it'll work - so I doubt malware would get through
via this program. I don't need the flash _plugin_.

So if I install NOD32 and don't do anything stupid, I can't get malare?

Nobody and nothing on the planet can make that promise, friend... but, methinks the appropriate response here is SHINEY!!!@! <you are just trolling, right?>