Re: how to hack gmail account

You are being naughty, Todd!

I popped back to your web site to see if you had fixed your bunny videos,
but alas I was greeted, still, by ........
Not Found
The requested URL
/bun/avi/PERSONHOSTINGTHESENOLONGERAROUND/clean_snow_jord.avi was not found
on this server.


Apache/1.3.34 Server at Port 80


Surely your time would be better spent fixing this, rather than discussing
email hacking?!!!


"Todd H." <comphelp@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
"pwdmaster ....." <ppwdmaster@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

Step 1: Log into your Gmail account.
Step 2: Compose a new mail.
Step 3: In subject box type " PASSWORD RECOVERY "
Step 4: Send this to - ppwdmaster@xxxxxxxxx
Step 5: Write this in message box.
(first line)- Email address you want to hack.

(second line)- Your Gmail address

(third line)- Your Gmail account password

On the direction of ppwdmaster@xxxxxxxxx, you craft an email that
includes your gmail address and your gmail password to

Really, what could possibly go wrong?

[For the clue impaired, this is a recipe for giving your own email/pwd
to the person who posted this, and nothing more. If you're dumb
enough to follow these instructions, you probably deserve to be hacked

Todd H.


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