Re: Security

Albert wrote:
1PW wrote:
Although many hold that the world of malware is mostly confined to
Microsoft based systems, I would be most distressed if my Linux system
was passing malware my Windows user friends.

I think that I comprehend the meaning, but I don't know why you begin
with 'Although'...

The word was leftover in my left brain. Now it's not there. 8-O


IF PCLinuxOS has an Intrusion Detection System (IDS) use it. Very
little is published about security hardening that particular distro.

What if I run Damn Small Linux from the RAM?


Hello Albert:

The subject is "transmission of malware through Windows vs Linux based
systems". Our Linux systems enjoy some added security through
obscurity over Windows based systems. However, I might be storing
Windows executables on my Linux system in an effort to transmit them
innocently to relatives, friends or associates with whatever intent
you might imagine.

I feel an obligation to assure myself that I am not spreading malware.
I also need to keep my ISPs from disconnecting my service.

Therefore I run several feel good AV programs that check my Linux
systems. I also keep the AV applications current in case the bad
folks shift more effort in our *nix direction.

I believe you could take great comfort in knowing that your PCLinuxOS
or Damn Small Linux would probably keep you safe if you aren't moving
Windows executables in and out. However, repos' offer some security
enhancements that harden the Linux side of my systems nicely.

I wouldn't limit myself to any small Linux. Personally I'd like a
full service Linux that allows me to explore all manner of personal
computing. A few of the larger distros suit me fine.