Geithner,Bernanke and the Neocon Hijacking of America, China ahead of USA in Solar

P. Obama had no choice but to re-appoint Bernanke at the Fed, Geithner
and Bernanke as well as Greenspan,Robert Rubin, Larry Summers,
Shapiro,Gensler and others where in control at the Fed,at the regional
Fed's and the Regulatory agencies, they were in charge for many years
and their partners and top executives at A.I.G.,Bear Stearns,Lehman
Brothers and Merrill were making billions of dollars in
bonuses,salaries,stock options, perks,commissions and fees, some of
them like Rubin , went to Citi and made hundreds of millions of
dollars with these De-Regulations , its Derivatives and Credit-Default-
Swaps, as the result of the end of the Glass-Steagall Act , a
regulation which we need now but which these same neocons will refuse
at all costs : you can't steal with a Glass-Steagall Act in place, so
expect more abuse and fraud.

These neocons above have hijacked America and D.C., so P.Obama had no
choice but to keep them in power,and if everything goes to hell, at
least they won't be able to say they didn't know how it happened: they
were in charge and they still are...

now P.Obama and V-P Biden numbers are going down a bit because of some
of these neocons as political appointee's is making taxpayers mad ...

Also because many people understands that Sec. Geithner represents the
worst in D.C .: the establishment of the Lie-Spin and Deceit group,
this neocon organized political-military group : Geithner, Emanuel,
Bernanke, Summers, Axelrod, Shapiro, Gensler, Genachowsky , Leibowitz
at the FTC, etc., means the end of the Constitutional Rule of Law ,
means that "spin and lies" gets credit and legislation , check the
facts in some of the media :

a) the Washington Post attacks P.Obama as a socialist and
incompetent , yet the op-ed page on August 22,2009, goes all out to
defend the Emanuel's against all attack: they suggest that to go
against ANY of these neocons is evil ,no matter the facts , but to
attack P.Obama is o.k.?

b) David Axelrod's ties targeted in health fight

"....It revolves around two separate $12 million ad campaigns
advocating Obama’s health care plan that were produced and placed
partly by AKPD Message and Media, a firm founded by Axelrod that
employs his son and still owes Axelrod $2 million.
A separate firm, GMMB, is also handling the campaigns. Both AKPD and
GMMB did millions of dollars of work on Obama’s presidential campaign,
continue to tout their connections to the campaign and still maintain
close ties to his inner circle...."

and yet, the general media totally silent !!!

.....while they attack P.Obama for even going on vacation in August
with his family, but Axelrod , Summers,Geithner and the Emanuel's,
nothing ! this is racist and un-Constitutional ... they control most
of the media so their group members demand and get a free ride...

So dear President Obama and V-P Biden , don't you see the lie and the
fraud? they work together with Murdoch to keep you all against the
wall, its another '"Lewinsky" fabricated scandal, ( hey Rahm ! , good
job again , you were in the White House while the Monica Lewinsky "
job " was being "fabricated" and now you are again fabricating the
next one, amazing ! ) .....dear President and V-P, they are a total
lie !


c) on Energy, the new GM tries again to push a SUV Buick gas-guzzler,
only to pull it back when they realize that no one wants to buy it,
they haven't learn a thing ! the new G.M. Board has one Exxon Mobil
director as chairman and 2 Hedge-Fund-Oil/Gas guys as directors on it,
one from Carlyle and another from TPG, and it goes downhill from they will collapse in mid-2010 right before the
elections , asking for another 25 billion dollars and making the Obama-
Biden Administration look like incompetent fools, isn't wonderful the
military precision of the neocons ? and from within ?

and of course there are NO NEW ENERGY FACTORIES YET, only talk about
new advanced batteries, new advanced hybrid-electric plug-in systems,
new fuels, just more talk of new grids, of new broadbands, so just
more bla,bla,bla..........

d) on the W.Post, August 21,2009:" U.S. to Dole Out $ 1.2 Billion for
Health Records Technology " we learn that David Blumenthal , the
political appointee friend of the Emanuel's ,Geithner and Summers, is
going on his decisions about technology by the study of a lobby's
called the " Health Care Information and Management System Society " , , where the president and CEO,
H.S.Lieber, is a good partner and friend of all the above :
Blumenthal, the Emanuel's, Summers, Geithner,Axelrod, etal, so it's
all in the family ! isn't wonderful ?

and will the Inspector of the DPT.OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES
there any conflict of interests ?

in a conference call last week , Blumenthal didn't even give any
concrete answers : is all up in the air....maybe later....soon to be him ! so who are these people that make the " key " deals
with Blumenthal and Emanuel ? will the Justice Dpt. investigate? will
the Congress investigate ? will the Health Dpt. investigate? will the
Tooth Fairy fly ? will pigs write operas?

or will Porter Goss tell the country why he had to quit the C.I.A . in
2 hours after the Cunningham-Foggo -Wilkes and other "renditions and
frauds" dirt exploded ? will Porter Goss explain why the CIA destroyed
all the Interrogation tapes in 2005 while he was Director of the
Agency? will he tell us about the Oil and Gas deals in the Middle East
with the Mukasey's ? will he tell us about his friends in Cali and
Medellin ? and their juicy bankers ? will anyone ask him ?

e) good news :
new book about the 2008 Financial meltdown ,

and here is a group that can make changes,
they are asking for them.... but will they even get the time of day ?
and will the Federal Reserve ever open its books ? will the Taxpayers
ever get all the facts about the last 30 years of inside trades ?
inside deals? inside profits?

so all in all, we see the members of this neocon political-military
organized group getting away with everything because their group
controls huge parts of the media -- now even The Financial Times has
gone down and is now another neocon "roll of paper" : they edit-out
any opinions about these neocon groups,even when the FT was "first"
showing them as directly responsible for the 2008 Financial
Derivatives Disaster as well as key players in the " Hedge-Funds-to-
Military-Security-Intelligence- Contractors " links in the Middle East
Wars , the real promoters and profiteers , and now ... nothing !

in the Washington Post on line , the same....bloggers that dare speak
out about the neocon-oil lobby get deleted , and now since one of the
top editors at the W.Post, Ruth Marcus, is married to the new FTC
Commissioner, Leibowitz, will he start suggesting to regulate
bloggers ? will we get "military black boot" regulators for blogs and
discussions boards ? will President Obama , V-P Biden and the Justice
Dpt. keep one eye on them ?

Murdoch and the neocons above that have hijacked America win again and
the Truth gets dumped by the wayside one more time ...and the funny
thing is that the biggest profiteers of the " Health and Sickness " of
America, the Health Insurance Companies, are making more money than
ever, isn't wonderful?

and the bad influence of Geithner, Bernanke, Summers, Rubin,
Greenspan,the Emanuel's, etc., does not end here: just read an article
in the New York Times, August,25,2009: China races ahead of U.S. in
drive to go Solar "
where we can see how in Solar as well as Wind and Wave, Batteries,
hybrid -electric plug-in, fuel-cells, geothermal pumps, composites,
digital displays, design and manufacturing, etc., we are going
nowhere, the last 7 months all what the neocons above have done is
more "financial products" ( Taxpayers assets) that end-up in Goldman
Sachs , BlackRock and their Hedge-Funds,and that's all ,folks.