Code ofuscation


"Dynamic code obfuscation techniques are used by cybercriminals in their
constant battle of wits against security vendors. In response to
security vendors' efforts to detect encrypted malicious code, these
criminals have developed dynamic code obfuscation techniques, which
basically scramble malicious code in a different way each time a new
visitor enters the malicious website.

While code obfuscation has been around for some time, dynamic code
obfuscation has reached a level of sophistication and prevalence "in the
wild". It has become a favorite weapon for propagating malicious code
due to its effectiveness in bypassing traditional signature-based
solutions. Dynamic code obfuscation, automated code obfuscation
utilities and other encoding methods enable cybercriminals to plant
"invisible" malicious code that infects a user's machine as soon as
he/she visits the malicious site."

So says this item ..........

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