Is this information correct regarding IP addresses?

"Peter Foldes" <okf22@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I would not do that Rick. You will then also be a persona non grata. BD
is trouble
all the way as you can attest from the post asking you to do his bad
deeds. And
believe me there are many. He can be man enough to do this on his own
unless he is
missing his backbone (probably)

BTW. Even if you are posting in another name and posting that sort of
question or
even similar will also ban you not just there but in from most Usenet
You are not able to hide your ID even if posted or changed with
another IP unless
you are using your own bonafide server along with Exchange
(2K3&8,SBS,Exchange and

Also this newsgroup and others including Google and all unsent etc is
read all the
time by all knowing BD in Ahuma . His IP's (Also in Mac and Linux )
have been
flagged on the Internet all over the globe

This is a message posted for the attention of 'Big Rick' in the
'' newsgroup. For general info. I *have* been
banned from posting at but no real reason was ever given.
Here is a copy of the email I received from the forum owner:-

Subject: You have been permanently banned
Date: 08/03/2008 22:45:37 GMT Standard Time


I have just disabled your account on I will do some surgical
to remove the contents of some of your posts.

You are permanently banned. There is no basis for appeal. I gave you
and opportunities, and you abused them. I told you what you had to avoid
doing, and you did it anyway.

If we discover that you attempt to register on this forum under any
identity, you will be disabled. Under those circumstances, I am asking
co-administrators to contact whatever ISP you are then using and attempt
get your account revoked under the ISP's anti-abuse rules.

Do not attempt to contact me, or I will contact whatever ISP you use and
attempt to get your account revoked under the ISP's anti-abuse rules.
(Or, I
may simply delete your emails.)

I regret that I have to take such a stand. You have given me no other
reasonable choice.

Jim Eshelman