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Beauregard T. Shagnasty wrote:
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Using linux will not stop you visiting in the first
instance to explore. Someone reading here may have access to IE as
well as linux or OSX and be willing to take a looksee and report what
they find.

Using Linux with Firefox and Opera, found:
one of world's worst web sites. :-/

Once past the splash page to:
I found a page with 991 HTML errors. Not a record, though. And all the
VBScript has no effect.

Note that the splash page has some very annoying JavaScript code that
wants to take over my browser, by using new windows with no toolbars or
menu bars:

function openWIN()

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Thanks for the info. That is *not* the kind of site I would want to

But it's for dog lovers!

I looked here

Surely with a user-name like yours, there is a kind of link?!!!