Re: Know anyone that's a Mac User?

Todd H. wrote:
"~BD~" <BoaterDave@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

An email message received from a friend today says:-

"Then let them know that malware researchers have discovered what appears to be the first Mac OSX botnet, aka MacBot or iBotnet and its receiving a substantial amount of industry and media interest.

Early estimates suggest that thousands of people have unknowingly downloaded the infected files. Don't let yourself be one of them...

In a nutshell the botnet is launching a number of malware variants inside pirated copies of popular Mac based software in order to take control of the infected Mac machine.

First and foremost make sure that you and your fellow Mac users, exercise caution, have Mac specific security software installed and that your existing version of iAntiVirus is up to date - there's a free version or you can purchase a version with full functionality and support for only $29.95. It's also vital that you enable and install the latest Mac security updates".

PC Tools Team


Has anyone here any thoughts about the need for this product and/or knowledge of the alleged Mac botnet?

My first suspicion is "How very convenient that they recommend

But I have no doubts that if you run trojaned software, you'll get
owned no matter what platform you run. And if it's well trojaned, AV
won't be terribly useful in detecting it.

I had seen some press about a mac specific botnet though, and the
platform is by no means bulletproof.

Wish I had more informed commentary to give ya though. Maybe others
with more of a malware bent can add something more constructive.

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