Re: Can a hacker get through to my Lan from ADSL router?

Bit Twister wrote:

In my case - with my current hardware, this is impossible. No one -
including me is able to alter my router's DNS server settings, as they
are hardcoded into the firmware. But if I get a new router, I might well
try OpenDNS.

Interesting, I thought adsl router's used dhcp to get a lease from their
ISP which gave out the gateway to use and which DNS servers to use.

What is the vendor and model number of your router.

Its a Siemens Gigaset SE587 - apparently the defacto tiscali
router/modem & the DNS servers are set. They cannot be changed. Thats
good from a security standpoint - but if they have network problems - it
means i can never try to set an alternate route.

I am going to invest in another router / modem so I can have more
control over settings. Then I will follow your recommendation about open
DNS... I am looking at some relatively cheap models which actually use
open source firmware :)