Re: Internet Connection Drops Repeatedly

Beauregard T. Shagnasty wrote:
~BD~ wrote:

Hello bts - In line replies

Thanks, but you don't need to mention that.

"Beauregard T. Shagnasty" wrote:
~BD~ wrote:
I'm sorry for not being specific. It is the wireless connection
between my desktop PC and my router which keeps dropping. If the
connection fails I then have to unplug my wireless adapter (Netgear
WG111T 108 Mbps Wireless USB 2.0 Adapter) from its USB socket, wait
for a moment or two and then plug it in again.
Does your connection drop if you use a cable between this desktop PC
and the router?
I don't think so, but it has been a long time since I tried (using a
very long telephone extention cable)

Telephone extension cable? I would think you would be using a CAT 5 or 6
Ethernet network cable, right? This is DSL ... and in my experience
would use CAT5/6 between computer and modem the same as my RoadRunner
cable modem.

Aside: what is the reason for using your desktop PC as wireless? Are
your Netgear router and the PC not close by? IME, one does not
normally carry a desktop PC around the house.
Not really difficult! I live in an old, brick-built, cottage - circa

I have experience with that, having lived many years in an 1823
cobblestone farmhouse until last year.

My router is located close to the telephone point, two rooms
distant from my study where I spend my time on my computer. Because
it was not easy to run an extention telephone cable between the
telephone point and my study (so that I could effect an ethernet
cable connection between my PC and the router) I decided to adopt
connection wirelessly.

Ah. Here you say Ethernet cable. Using the term 'telephone extension'
above was misleading. Anyway, I ran my Ethernet cable from my office
down into the crawlspace, to outside, to tucked in under the bottom row
of cobbles, back into the crawlspace at the other end of the house and
up through the floor where the cable modem was located. It was about 150
feet long.

My wife also connects with her laptop, also wirelessly, often (but
not always) from an upstairs bedroom so it is very convenient not to
have cables running around the property!

That part is understood.

-Friends don't let friends drive Windows
What do *you* drive bts?

Ubuntu Linux, version 8.04.

If an Apple Mac - what programme do you use for newsgroups?

Nope, never owned either an Apple or a Mac. I use (my only Windows
program) 40tude Dialog running in Wine. I also have set up Pan, XPN,
Thunderbird, and Opera for news.

Thanks for you comments, Bts :)

I've had a dabble with Ubuntu but felt it was going to be a steep
learning curve. I have the set-up CD - maybe I'll try again after I've
got to grips with this iMac! (so far, it's magical!)

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