Re: Memory stick file encryption

Gualtier Malde <valacapt@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in

I am having trouble trying to sort out various encryption software
available. I want to carry my .txt password file with me on a memory
stick and, of course, want to protect it. I could put it in a .rar
file but if the machine I am using doesn't have WinRAR or something
I'm not helped. And, finally, I don't understand most of this
encrypting stuff.

I think I need a very small program, self-contained like old DOZ
programs, so that it doesn't have to be installed on the temporary
computer. Doesn't have to be freeware.

Any suggestions?

Rather than look to software solutions (many of the good ones require a
driver which implies the need for admin rights on Windows) consider a
very solid hardware solution: Ironkey.

The ironkey USB drive isn't cheap as such things go but it isn't that
expensive either (if you truly value your privacy). You get hardware,
not software, security for your stored data, certified to FIPS-2 level 2
(it missed level 3 only by a whisker). AES encryption. Tamper-resistant.
Ten wrong passwords and it irretrievably self-destructs the internal key.
Also you can use (at your option) its private Tor servers (your choice of
speed v random security).

There are others which claim similar features (e,g, Kingston Traveller)
but they don't come close to providing the same level of hardware