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However, I've heard that many of them will divulge the actual
domain registrant when pressed for the information and without
requiring a subpoena.  If the plantiff provides sufficient cause
for divulging that info, the registrar will release it.  You can
try to hide.  That does
mean you cannot be found.

What I want to do is percetly legal. I just don't want some
animal rights/feminist/far left/far right/whatever acitivst to
call me in the middle of the night and threaten me because of my
website. That's the amount of protection I want presently. Later
on I might want some more. Still, if authorities want to find out
about me, that's OK.

I am neither a criminal, nor a terrorist, nor a freedom fighter,
nor an advocate of extreme ideologies or creeds, but only a
slightly controversial citizen in need of some basic privacy that
I thing is being compromized if any random punk can call me in
the middle of the night and go bananas towards me.

That's all.

Kind regards,

Provide a cellphone number when registering and don't switch it on
at night.

Take out the battery.

Use a post box for your address.

Private not gov't run.
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