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I have reinstalled Windows XP Home after playing with Ubunto [sic]

You could have saved yourself the anguish by installing Ubuntu as either
a dual-boot with your current Windows, or used the Wubi install where
Ubuntu becomes a 'directory' on your C: drive and with a dual-boot

When you are ready to formally move to Linux, consider the regular
dual-boot (retaining Windows for a time), then later from Ubuntu,
reformat the NTFS partitions to the Linux file system.

Thanks for your comments Bts. This is all very new to me, but I do have
genuine XP Home plus SP1, 2 and 3 CD's and a Ubuntu CD as well, so it isn't
difficult to revamp everything.

I then used an AOL 9.0VR CD

Is there a compelling reason you actually need AOL? ;-)
I've read in numerous places that their installation is particularly
invasive, especially to the Windows Registry.

Last I heard, the "AOL browser" was simply a title-bar branded Internet

Hahaha! Lots of folk ridicule AOL, I know, but AOL (UK) is now owned by
Carphone Warehouse - one of the UK's major mobile phone companies.

AOL is my *ISP* - I have to have *some* way to connect to the 'net and AOL
is competitive price-wise. One does NOT have to install the AOL software to
utilise the connection. Whilst the AOL Browser is based on Internet
Explorer, it is still quite a complex package, much as it was many years



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