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Torbjörn Svensson Diaz <tobito85@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in news:ab874b13-1fce-

What Usenet client do you recommend for users using Linux? I intend to
install Ubuntu or some other Linux distribution in my new computer
which I will have in a week or so.

Depends to some extent what you want to do. Are you looking for mostly
text or binaries (nzb support, multi-connections, etc.)? Will you be
connecting to a newsserver that supports SSL/SSH? And, most of all, there
are matters of personal taste re interfaces, etc.

(For instance, I mostly use newsbin on Windows for binaries, and just xnews
for text - because I started a billion years ago with NewsXpress and xnews
has a similar interface. There are arguably better choices but these work
well enough for me not bothering to shop around and climb a new learning



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