Re: Preventing WHOIS

tobito85@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

I LOVE privacy. Is there a way to set up a website anonymously? Right
now anyone can use whois and he'll find
out who the domain is registered to.

$ whois

36480 Peugeot Place
Newark, California 94560
United States

Registered through:, Inc. (
Created on: 02-Jan-98
Expires on: 01-Jan-10
Last Updated on: 29-Dec-08

Perhaps you would want to use "" (reserved for the purpose)
instead of a domain name actually owned by someone.

There is the possibility to use a company that offers you a proxy
server but then that company legally becomes the holder of that

Got a cite for that? I've a couple of domains and the privacy company
does *not* own them.

I'd like to be the sole owner of the domain and yet be impenetrable
to the whole whois gestapo thing. Is there a way?

Yes. Avail yourself of the privacy services offered by your registrar.
Normally, it is an extra-cost option, maybe $9USD or about 78 Swedish
Kronor per year.

Are there some top level domains that are more suitable for this than


Is there anybody out there who can offer me some help, give me some
pointers of something?

Explore your registrar's site for the privacy option. Ex:

-Friends don't let friends drive Windows

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