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I want to protect some SD Flash cards (total size 1" x 1.5" x 0.5")
against structure fires.
You want some water in there to pump out incoming heat.
That's pretty good! I don't think 100 degrees C will hurt an SD card at all.

Interestingly, on BBC news this morning was the story of a guy who had lost his home and all possessions in one of the dreadful fires in Victoria, Australia. Only recently he had bought a fireproof safe in which he had stored irreplaceable family photographs gathered over his lifetime.

He has recovered the safe, but everything within it had been destroyed.

What a shame. At least he survived the fire, many didn't.

I guess when they say fireproof they didn't mean holocaust-proof.
But the technique I described should be comfortably able to hold off that sort of thing for an hour or so with suitable design. The maths isn't difficult.