Re: Cleaning a computer - any other views here?

"Tim Jackson" <tim@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
John D wrote:

I have been led to believe that the BIOS on a motherboad can be
attacked/infected but I have no knowledge of how one may check and/or
'clean' same.

It can, but it isn't a likely attack route. The method varies
according to the make and model of motherboard, and some boards have a
jumper that must be set to allow any writing the flash ROM at all, or
have a hard-coded alarm that warns you when writing is being enabled.
So it is an unreliable and expensive method for a hacker.

If you want to check, then look into your motherboard's flash update
utility (probably on the CD that came with it, or on the
manufacturer's website) and see if you can copy the existing flash
contents. If so then you can make a baseline copy, and periodically
repeat the process to make sure you continue to get the same data.

You can probably find a security utility somewhere that will mirror
the BIOS area of the memory map, which is pretty much the same thing
in most cases

And don't forget your tinfoil helmet to keep aliens from controlling
your brain.

Tim Jackson.

I appreciate this information, Tim. Thank you for taking the time and
trouble to post.

In another group, Shenan Stanley MVP said .........

"If the 'gremlin' was in the BIOS - the only writable media I know about
that could act in the way you are implying internal to the machine with
your "somewhere on the motherboard" comment - you've been more than
infested with malware."

Even whilst wearing my tinfoil helmet, my last PC was, I'm certain,
deliberately attacked - so there!