Re: Change my isp address

John D wrote:

Cancel-Lock: sha1:Cv6vdw37TUBVu3fUhOVotPQQ6V8=

As far as I can see, there is *NO* IP address given away.
Can you see one?

Yup. Right here:

X-Auth-Sender: U2FsdGVkX18v0deJWsko0bAX3EoVQPqD3c7dApbGcHs=

It is, of course, encrypted, so you need to get a court
order to decrypt it. If the person did something that
the police are interesed in, that shouldn't be a problem.
If it's just you who want to know, too bad. His Usenet
provider encrypts the information so you can't do that.
You will mote that my provider does the same thing, and
so does yours. As one wise person wrote:

"This is not a list. This is not a board. This is not
some web page forum with rules and moderators. This is
USENET. The wild west of online communication. Where
trolls and flames roam rampant. Where you keep your
asbestos underpants handy if you lack wit (or have an
ego that greatly exceeds your actual abilities).
If you don't like it, feel free to run back to the
comfortable safety of moderated web forums and mailing
lists where everyone lives in enforced peace and harmony
in the land of Nod."

Guy Macon