Re: Change my isp address

completemassages@xxxxxxxxx writes:

I have a laptop that I mainly use on different wifi connections at
coffee shops, but I also use it occassionallyon my t- mobile cell
phone (which can be used as a modem.
I need to change my isp address........
My questions are -
1. If I change the name of my computer under system info will that
change my isp address?

What do you call "my isp address"? Your name of your computer will change
nothing external to the computer.
Tell us what problem you are trying to solve, not your guess at a solution.

2.Is my isp address different when using different wifi connections?


3.How do I change my isp address with my t mobile phone as a modem??
Would changing my cell number change the isp?


4.Is my email account through yahoo registered under my isp address.?

We have no idea.