Re: Network in Vista

roalf wrote:

I was trying to fix a wireless problem in my kids Vista run laptop. I
was in the Networks box when another PC showed up on my network. I
clicked on it and it asked for user name and password and I could not
access it. The name on it was HCooper-XP and its workgroup was
tkccommunications. I pulled the plug on the modem and it went away,
of course, along with my kids name he assigned to his computer. I
plugged the modem back in and about 10 min later it popped back up. Is
someone accessing his computer. My XP machine was plugged into the
same modem and I couldn't see a thing in the Networks window just my

Why should I secure my wireless network?

What are the different wireless network security methods?

Set up a security key for a wireless network

Making your network more secure
(scroll down to "Wireless network security recommendations")

How to secure a wireless network

Guy Macon


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