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<Snickers> Is all of that crap up to date? I doubt it.

Old guy

Assuming that your post was intended as flame-bait, I will keep this short.

I don't know how old you are, but I doubt you've been using desk-tops,
the internet, or newsgroups longer than I have. I've been using computers
for longer than any of those things have been around, and certainly since
long before RFC1855 was even a thought. I check for updates daily,
at least. Most of the suggestions given so far I had already implemented
(including all but one of the suggestions given in the websites suggested by
Kayman), but was looking for input from other perspectives, in case I had
missed something. Yours was particularly un-helpful, but will nevertheless
be scrutinized for any bit of information I can glean from it (which might
be more than you think). I've even been reading, but not posting to,
acs. for some time.


Hey is this an old IT guys convention. Can I join in? I did my time on card punches.

You know, I may be odd, but I've been using a computer for internet access running Windows 98 with the same registry file since Windows 98 was new (although all the hardware has changed bit by bit), on broadband since it became available, with a NAT router and common sense. No firewall, no running anti-virus program. And in that time I've had exactly one malware attack, that was through my own stupidity and took a few hours to clean up by hand. I do do periodic virus scans just to be sure, and to give confidence to others.

Yes I download and buy stuff off the internet, and I look at 'pron' as you call it. But I don't expect something for nothing, I never download anything unless I think I understand the business model of the guy selling, and mostly from sources I trust.

And I never ever ever open unsolicited email attachments (after that once), and don't let my browser do it either. I get masses and masses of spam, but it all gets filtered out by my ISP and by Thunderbird's message rules, so I never see it.

Oh, and the kids get a nasty bollocking if they go anywhere near my computer, they can infect their own.

Am I somehow blessed with an attack-free zone, or is there an awful lot of hype about?

Tim Jackson

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