Re: DriveCrypt

6) The Truecrypt forums are run in an exceedingly autocratic and unfriendly way, with many posts arbitrarily removed. Many topics (not just the ones in the posting guidelines) are "off limits." Moreover, the forums sometimes close unexplained for long periods (a month or more) and reemerge with many posts purged. The moderators make it very difficult for posters to contact each other directly.

I second that, Truecrypt forums are extremly low quality, they go down when they feel like it and you can not register with them unless you use your ISP email which takes away your anonymity.

7) The license for Truecrypt is NOT open source (e.g., doesn't meet OSI criteria) and is quite restrictive.

Quite right, this is the reason why almost all of the Linux distributions will not include truecrypt, because they do not use the GPL License. When I have suggested some distro developer to include Truecrypt out of the box they always point at me at their restrictive license. Open source does not mean it is necessary GPL licensed.