Re: Cannot run my antispyware or antivirus program

On Oct 20, 9:07 pm, "David H. Lipman" <DLipman~nosp...@xxxxxxxxxxx>
From: "Cam" <cam1...@xxxxxxxxx>

| Hi everyone,

| I have a spyware since a couple of days that I can't get rid of. It
| pops up every once in a while in a bubble in the right hand corner,
| the system tray, saying that my computer is infected and that I need a
| spyware program to clean it... If I click on it, it will install an
| antyspyware program. The usual problem that I had with other spyware
| before.

| But the big problem with this one is that my antispyware and my
| antivirus programs will not run and the one that will run (Ad Aware),
| will not update anymore using the usual Internet connection made for
| that purpose in the program . Furthermore it redirects my Internet
| sites whenever I want to go to a antispyware or antivirus site!

| Could someone please help me?

| Thank you in advance
| Cam


Please don't MultiPost.
Please learn to Cross-Post to pertinent, On Topic, NewsGroups instead.

Additionally, you were replied to by a fake MS MVP, software plagiarizer and malicious
actor by the 'nym of PCBUTTS1.
Please stear clear of his web site and any offereings "he" has provided you.

I suggest you use the following...
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

If that does not work (and I am sure it will)...

Download and execute HiJack This! (HJT)

Then post the contents of the HJT log in your post in one of the below expert forums...

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Multi-AV -

Thanks for your info concerning multi posting, sorry I did not know.
Also thanks for the info concerning the fake MS MVP, when I saw that I
thought that it was indeed a fake.

Now, concerning the sites you gave me, I tried to go on these site
but, I guess, the malicious spyware that I have on my PC will not let
me go there, I get a "page load error" whenever I try to open any of
the sites you gave me. It seems to be that a cannot open any sites
about spyware or viruses. Any other sites will open properly... I
guess my PC is badly infected!

Any other idea of what I could do? My spyware and antivirus programs
will not work and/or update and cannot go on security sites, I either
get an error message or I am redirected to other sites.

Thaks again,