Re: Trend Micro Internet Security 2008: Trouble running Custom Scan

I find Trend Micro very, very long to load. Longer than any other AV program I ever had. During that time you of course cannot go to e-mail or internet.

Not very happy with this. Will not renew.

<jaroslav@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:e156032f-379a-478c-bdbc-c06b943374d9@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Just updated to TMIS 2008 and am finding that: Bootup time is twice as
long as before; Outlook Express takes much longer to start; TMIS's
Custom Scan and Find Viruses features don't work: whenever I launch
them, I two error messages and the program hangs. Is anyone else
having similar experiences? Found any fixes? Here are the two error
messages I get: "Unable to recognize software configuration..." & "An
error has interrupted the task in progress; please restart your
computer..." I'm running TMIS on Windows XP SP2.


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