Re: BBC banned my IP

Tim Jackson wrote:

VanguardLH wrote:
meau wrote:

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Why are you lying in your Organization header as to through which NNTP
provider you are posting?

I want to watch this BBC documentary with the iPlayer and it seems that
when they detect an IP to be non UK they dont allow you to watch it.

And what would be the URL to that documentary (so OTHERS can test if
your assumption is correct)? "The BBC" doesn't say WHERE you were.

Other than finding a good UK proxy is it possible to get around this

Probably not if this the cause of the restriction.

I am British citizen living abroad I paid my taxes there surely the BBC
should show some respect.

Why would the BBC care anything about you your paying taxes?

The BBC is funded by the television licence fee in the UK, which is to
all intents and purposes a tax levied on all television users.
Presumably as an ex-pat you are not paying the licence fee. So why
should you have access to the BBC's output? I don't know if it is true,
but it does not seem unreasonable. They do provide radio output free of
charge to overseas listeners, both on short-wave and on the internet.

Tim Jackson

I went digging around to watch videos and search on "documentary" and
those played for me (where I'm in the USA). So knowing what is the URL
to the blocked material might help in determining why it was blocked.
It didn't look like the OP was sure as to why he couldn't get the
content and merely guessed it was an IP region restriction.