Re: Performance of encryption software

jc wrote:
Nico Schuyt wrote:
I did some testing with Flycryptor and Truecrypt.
Flycryptor is very easy to use but seems to be a lot slower than
Truecrypt. For example: copying 616MB text files took:
32 seconds without encryption
35 seconds inside of a Truecrypt container
45 seconds in a Fycryptor container
I'm not completely sure about the significance (though the results
were the same on repetition): a search on a text phrase in 6,000
e-mails (OE) took about as long in Flycryptor as without encryption.

Has anyone experience with both programs and/or a general advice what
program is to be preferred?

FlyCryptor is propriatory while TrueCrypt is open source. TrueCrypt
code is available for inspection, particularly the algorithms it uses
for encryption. FlyCryptor has to be taken at face value.

That makes sense. Advantage of the FlyCryptor however is its easy handling
(for a price of $100 however)
Thanks for your reaction!