Re: Help with AVG Anti-virus email scanning

Ertugrul Söylemez wrote:

"Sebastian G." <seppi@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

What's wrong with HTML emails without remote content?
<!doctype stupid><html><head><meta name="foo"
content="bar"><title>baz</title></head><body><p>Nothing, it's very
readible if the receiver's client doesn't support HTML.</body></html>

That's why usually there is also a text/plain part.

usually = not quite often?

What about MIME? There the plain/text part you get just reads "This is a multipart MIME message".

Because there's no standard for it, neither de-jure nor de-facto?
because there is a standard to include some basic formatting
(text/enriched)? [...]

MIME is a standard. It allows multipart-emails. HTML is also a
standard. Together with a standard MIME type name for HTML, that makes
HTML mails completely standardized.

No. It makes HTML files as attachments standardized.

Because it's a waste or bandwidth?

A waste of bandwidth? A few kilobytes per person per day?

Would you please think of the children^W dial-up users?

Demanding CR/LF instead of
sole LF for telnet-like protocols (including HTTP) must be a waste also.

No. Actually I think the CR/LF interpretation is the correct one, and HTTP is supposed to be human-readable on pure terminals.

You want to know, what _really_ is a waste today? Two people from the
same local subnet listening to the same internet radio station -- that
_is_ a waste of traffic.

Well, it's not like my systems would deny the usage of multicast. You have to blame my ISP.

Because eMail isn't supposed to emit any formatting?

Oh yeah, everything that was made up in the 70s and 80s was ultimate.
There is no reason for inventions. In fact, we don't even need X11 or
OpenGL. Back to phosphor terminals!

Stupid. If you want a protocol for formatted documents, then either propose a standard extension to eMail or a completely new protocol.

Because HTML is meant for hypertext, not formatted documents?

Maybe HTML 1.0 was. Today, hypertext is one of many features of HTML.

Hypertext is the primary feature of HTML, even today.