Help with AVG Anti-virus email scanning

I have just installed AVG Free Ver 7.5 and it is blocking my sending web
pages in the body of emails. I am running XP SP2 on my desktop and using
Outlook 2003 as my email client and IE 6 as my browser. With the browser
open and on a page I want to sent to someone, I pull down the Tools menu and
click on the top item which is email & news. I then click on 'Send Page' and
it opens a composition window with the web page in the body. If I then send
that to someone, AVG blocks the entire web page and the only thing that
comes through is AVG's message that the email has been scanned. I did not
have this problem with Norton.
Does anyone have a suggestion on how to fix the problem and still use
AVG and have it scan the email?


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