How many overwrites for secure erase?

On another list, someone asked a question which piqued my

U.S. DoD requires 7 overwrites. The OP wanted a '*technical*
justification of "15-times" or any other number. Technical one,
not "because mama said so".'

Has anyone actually recovered data that's been overwritten
even once by random data? Twice?

We know about the theoretical techniques to get the data. We
know it would be horrendously expensive. But has anyone
*actually* done it?

And, regardless, is there some number of overwrites that
*will* make the data unrecoverable? The OP was looking for
something better than pulling a number out of the air (or
wherever) - a number with some theoretical or experimental

I figured if anyone had the answers (and was allowed to give
them), it would likely be someone in this group.

Arthur T. - ar23hur "at" intergate "dot" com
Looking for a z/OS (IBM mainframe) systems programmer position

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