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"David H. Lipman" <DLipman~nospam~@Verizon.Net> wrote in

The corporate products are *much* better then the retail products.
Symantec Ghost (corp.) is the only Symantec product I swear by and not
swear at.

Unfortunately the corporate vs. retail product concept is the same for

Up to Ghost 2003/version 8 (the last based on the Binary research code)
it was just fine in the consumer version. I especially liked the detailed
command-line switches for backing up things like encrypted drives. (I
now prefer Acronis for day-to-day Windows convenience - as long as I
don't do anything tricky.)

I only tried the corporate Ghost versions up to 8 (although I have 12
lying around) and they didn't do much to differentiate themselves (for my

I've got bootleg copies of the corporate anti-virus stashed away
somewhere (and I've heard it's not bad) but I've never gotten around to
trying it. (The corporations where I consulted mostly used Trend, so I
standardized on that for corporate compatibility uses. Personally, I use
Kaspersky - as much out of long habit as anything else.)