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Norton is notorious for being bloatware, for slowing systems to a crawl,
for conflicting with other programs, and for putting down roots so deep
that it's a bitch to get rid of.

There's only one Norton program worth having and running, and running only
once: Norton Removal Tool!


PS Symantec has the Midas touch in reverse; everything they touch turns to
shit. They buy up good small companies with good programs, digest those
programs, and like all digested matter, it becomes shit. They have no
ideas of their own but their marketing folks insists on issuing regular
releases to stay in the public eye and make money - but the useless
features only add to the bloat.

Long ago the Norton Utilities really were useful - before Symantec ruined
them. Long ago Ghost was excellent - before it became a gutted and
rebranded version of drive image. Long ago...


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