Re: Inviting malware

Jim Hawkins wrote:

You buy a new computer, connect in to the internet and
proceed to download your choice of ant-virus software,
firewall, and possibly other security-enhancing stuff.
But in the half-hour or more it takes to do all that, your pc is
wide open, and with the frequency of probing attacks these
days, a variety of undesirable agents could be installed and
hidden before the anti-malware gets going.

And even if it would come up earlier, it couldn't fix the consequence of such a horribly stupid mistake of connecting a machine the internet without prior host configuration.

It can't fix user stupidity either. Now you're abusing Outlook Express as a newsreader, which is an open invitation for malware.

So why don't computer retailers offer machines with anti-malware
stuff already installed ?

They do, and that's a problem on its own.