Re: win2000 - 1000s of ports opened

On Jan 22, 10:34 am, "Sebastian G." <se...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
halimtan wrote:
On Jan 22, 8:23 am, "Sebastian G." <se...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Even further, it seems like you're abusing MSIE as a webbrowser. Now that's
clearly a sign of total resignation.

Dear Sebastian, evidently you know much more than I do. In what way am
I abusing MSIE as a webbrowser?

Just to remind, one of your posting's headers:

X-HTTP-UserAgent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1;

Unless you're faking headers for no obvious reasons, it looks like you're
posting through Google Groups, using MSIE as a webbrowser. Google Groups is
a website on the internet, which is an untrustworthy network. MSIE, on the
other hand, is only supposed to be used on a trusted network, otherwise it's
trivially insecure.

Thus, you seem to abusing it for something that it's clearly unsuitable for.

Wow. You are exactly right in describing how I posted. And I didnt
even know I was abusing something. At the risk of sounding stupid,
whats the correct way to post this?