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On Sun, 20 Jan 2008, in the Usenet newsgroup, in article
<4793a532$4$2158$4c368faf@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, Bg Daddy wrote:

<DIV align=3Dcenter><STRONG><FONT size=3D5>If you use the Internet for =
any reason=20
you <U>NEED</U> this protection!</FONT></STRONG><FONT face=3D"Times New =

No - you just need to NOT install free spamware.

face=3D"Cooper Black" size=3D5> Keep Your PC Safe =
<DIV align=3Dcenter><FONT face=3DArial size=3D2><FONT face=3D"Cooper =
color=3D#d20000 size=3D6>#1 Rated Anti-Spyware &amp; Registry Cleaner=20

Have the windoze messenger spammers decided they need to sell their
spyware via Usenet because those ads are not generating sales? By the
way, do you know how ST00PID you look posting in html?

onmouseover=3D"window.status=3D' Keep Your PC Safe! '; return true"=20

Wow - even the ads have spyware.


I bet he also sells those magic pills and creams that work as well as
his spyware.


Road Runner residential - I guess if you install their spyware, it
zombies your system to automagically starts sending ads to Usenet.

Old guy

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