Re: OpenSSH on Windows Syntax question.

perr <perr.33dksz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

Hi all,
This is my first posting and I have a newbie question please bear with
me. I have successfully installed OpenSSH(on my second domain
controller) and now I am trying to add a user to the passwd file. The
environment is a Windows 2003R2 domain with two domain controllers and
the user is a domain user. The network is working fine and the two
servers have no problems talking to each other.
The two problems I have are,
1. The user I am trying to add is a Windows domain user
2. The username has a space in between the first name and last name.
The syntax I used is as following from the command line
C:\Program Files\OpenSSH\bin>mkpasswd -d -u test user >> ..\etc\passwd

After a few seconds........ I get the below,

mkpasswd: [2453] Could not find domain controller for this domain.

I am pretty much aware that this is a syntax problem but I cant seem to
find any answers especially with regards to this on the net. Thanks in

Hi Ravin,

To deal with the space (ugh) in the username, either wrap the argument
in double or single quotes "like this" or 'like this' or prepend a
backslash to the space to "escape" the space so the command processor
doesn't see it as an argument separator:
like\ this

This is not an ssh trick, it's a general command processor/shell

There is an ssh newsgroup that'll be more focused to your concerns for
follow on questions, for what it's worth:

Best Regards,
Todd H.